DSi ROM Header Layout

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The leaked Paladin Archive contains a spreadsheet detailing the full layout of the DSi ROM header. Though most of this header is already known and documented, going by this page on DSiBrew shows that a number of bytes have been unknown, and are now uncovered.

This page will only cover the bytes left as 'unknown' on the DSiBrew page. To view the entire header layout, check out the spreadsheet here.

Offset Size Description
0x88 4 ARM9 Module Parameter Address
0x8C 4 ARM7 Module Parameter Address
0x90 2 TWL Normal Area ROM Offset
0x92 2 TWL Dedicated Area ROM Offset
0x1BC 3 Reserved Area
0x1BF 1 TWL Extended Flags
0x1D4 4 ARM7 Mount Information RAM Address
0x20C 1 Shared2 file0_size
0x20D 1 Shared2 file1_size
0x20E 1 EULA Consent Version
0x20F 1 TWL Management Flag
0x214 1 Shared2 file2_size
0x215 1 Shared2 file3_size
0x216 1 Shared2 file4_size
0x217 1 Shared2 file5_size
0x218 4 ARM9 Extension Module Parameter Address
0x21C 4 ARM7 Extension Module Parameter Address
0x2F0 16 Parental Control Information