July 2021 Leaks

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After the leaks in December of 2020, six months of silence would follow, leading many to assume the what was leaked is all that there was. Surprisingly, July 20 brought a new 4chan thread that contained a multitude of new archives, with many fake archives sprinkled in between by other users. Among various builds of Pokemon games, there was also a repository for a previously unknown iQue version of the GameCube, a large set of Nintendo emails from 2006, and datasheets with low level hardware information on the Nintendo Switch's Game Cards. The thread also contained an archive with builds of Zoo Tycoon 2, but those have largely been considered separate, and won't be covered here.

List of Valid Archives and Their Contents

DIAG4RVL.7z (1.48 GB)
Wii Service Disk Source Code, Internal Wii SDK (Source Code and Documentation).
SHA256: 0C90366F71206363F1E088149F41EE1EFDF79EB5A49C6CC35F5DAB075267A71A
datasheet.7z (7.54 MB)
Nintendo Switch Game Card datasheets.
SHA256: EFDD50A2112565379CE7702E461756D848D333C78913D234E3A32A5B66254A9C
beluga_eevee(1).nsp (5.58 GB)
Pokemon Let's Go Eevee build, dated February 26, 2018.
SHA256: 420EC398DD0261798BBF3B6C9C68D441C7DC13E6865DD8ACDFC72C3A631EB44D
pmEME_US20050207.7z (5.89 MB)
Pokemon Emerald US localization build, dated February 7, 2005, with changelog and emails included.
SHA256: D31A64ED21C2185064ECB313088E5523446AE059608F01934BD6ECFC4848923C
ique_player_common_tickets.7z (117.93 KB)
iQue Player TIK files.
SHA256: 6B4F5B3E2A4BD7E3463359CDF76E7D40ECD811D9CF7986A710D4F7A0A8A81F31
haishin_20130912.zip (70.61 MB)
Pokemon X/Y build, dated September 12, 2013, with localization spreadsheets and instructions.
SHA256: 73F0D41DD0588B97842DA146C5DA7F95FC5D7E68F6C35B704C2879E913C0331C
bb2.7z (288.28 MB)
iQue GameCube console development repository.
SHA256: 927A3DD1F7D9BCAB7B8B581F975C04016DB4321972741A7CECD918E75BE479EC
gen4_era_protos.7z (691.5 MB)
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl builds, Mystery Dungeon builds, and a Diamond/Pearl source repository that was leaked before.
SHA256: C8961C0907C471FF01F352C2D32A6D271F747367BF8867C069933B163D9D1A12
teru-sama_mail_2006.7z (819.99 MB)
Internal Nintendo emails from 2006.
SHA256: 955F26C42C0DDF917A53F16D60A1378B039CF2685B115FF4FDB88903C6376B89
iqcvs.tar.7z (2.57 GB)
Various iQue repositories.
SHA256: A86F2B08BEF4DEF928558586C9C14E5E08608806E0D7AE95B454CBCC84FB371B

List of Fake/Irrelevant Archives (For Sake of Archival)

Old.7z (9.83 MB)
Source code for Sonic Megamix, a Sonic 1 hack.
pocchama.rar (208.36 MB)
Previously leaked content repackaged.
rr465hdd_dump.zip (24.26 MB)
build.rar (16.19 MB)
mario64_031595_ss_comp.7z (6.72 MB)
marioultra64.7z (6.38 MB)
definitely_a_shitpost.7z.zip (6.72 MB)
r_festa.zip (20.47 MB)
sakurai_20071109.7z (1.86 MB)
smashbros_agb.7z (22.62 KB)
RedStar_images.zip (4.53 MB)
lotcheck.xlsx (800.67 KB)
msgdata.7z (97.08 KB)
SMASHBROS_NTR.7z (212.55 KB)
sdfiles.7z (71.02 MB)
SSB_RVL_20071211.7z (8.46 MB)