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Lunar chase (X in japan) Unreleased localization

Released as part of the Platinum Archive, within the Game Boy lotcheck, Lunar Chase is the unreleased English translation of the 1992 game X.

A sequel to X, called X-Scape, received a worldwide release for DSiWare.

The Story

(Completion on this section has been put on hold until further notice.)

Mission 1

"The year is 2096, the Earth, overcrowded and polluted is uninhabitable by the human race. After many years of searching, Mankind has found a planet suitable for living on, it has been named Tetamus II ..." "... A human base is being built, it will be powered by a special Silo adapted to use the newly invented Power Crystals. The Silo has been built and a Crystal is on its way to Tetamus II on board a Transporter Ship..."

During the Transportation process, the Transporter ship carrying the power crystal mysteriously exploded. As a new recruit in the colony, your first test is to Pilot the new Space Tank VIXIV - and retrieve the power crystal from area 7 before it melts down and causes a nuclear disaster.

During the first mission you must defend yourself from Giant Bugs and shoot down supply satellites. It is recommended that you use the generous time limit of 60 minutes (not real time) to get used to the controls, just in case you weren't satisfied by the non-skippable training session given before the mission.

After obtaining the power crystal, Take it to area 0 and Dock into the Nuclear Silo. The mission is cleared.

Mission 2

"... Unfortunately Mankind was not the only new visitor to Tetamus II! We found ourselves being Attacked by many strange creatures, causing grave concern for the future of mankind on Tetamus II ... "

As it turns out, the transport ship didn't just "blow up". It was shot down by the Xenomantics, a race of aliens who wish to rule the universe through suppression. in an attempt to keep the human colonization from continuing, they dropped 5 time bombs onto the surface of Tetamus II.

You have been instructed by your commander to disarm the bombs before they explode. In order to defuse a bomb, one must destroy it with a Lock-on missile, which is equipable at one of the 8 defense stations situated on Tetamus II's surface.

There are 5 bombs in all, contained in areas 0, 3, 4, 6, and 7. Destroy all 5 bombs in 70 minutes and the mission is cleared.

Mission 3

"... The Aliens, their last plan having failed, increased their activity, with many more attacks on our colony. We began to suspect that they were developing a new, more powerful weapon to use against us ..."

Investigation on a Wrecked alien craft have revealed blueprints for a Humanoid tank, capable of destroying anything in it's path. It can only be destroyed by hitting it with 4 missiles. 2 Humanoid Tanks have been sent down to destroy the defense stations.

This is where the game starts getting hard. The tanks are extremely fast and turn constantly, hindering your ability to properly aim. It is recommended you stay close behind as you fire- but don't ram into their legs. VIXIV's shields will take damage! The tanks go from Station to Station, destroying them one by one.

If all 8 stations are demolished, its game over. Defeat the 2 Humanoid Tanks and the mission is cleared.

Mission 4

"... The defense stations, destroyed by the humanoid tank were rebuilt, and the aliens, having just suffered heavy losses, appeared to withdraw from Tetamus II for a while. However, luck was not on our side ... " " ... A specialist scientist of nuclear dynamics was working on the construction  of the Nuclear Silo when suddenly the aliens attacked and kidnapped him. We suspect he is being held on the surface somewhere ... "

Dr. Yamano, who oversees operations regarding the nuclear silo and power crystal development, has been kidnapped by the Xenomantics and taken to an interplanetary base. As usual, its your job to sweep the surface of the planet like a broom and find the good doctor.

However, the Xenomantics decided to smarten up this time around, placing fake scientists everywhere. you have to find the correct one before time runs out and the Nuclear Silo melts down and causes a disaster. The specific base Dr. Yamano is will always be random, so I can't tell you where to go.

Destroy bases with Missiles and bring Dr. Yamano to the Silo to clear the mission.

Mission 5

" ... Our scientist was saved and so was the Nuclear Silo. but the aliens wouldn't give up that easily! They began to construct new and even stranger buildings on the surface of Tetamus II ... "

The Xenomantics have gone and made their own tunnel system, just like ours. Its your job to equip the BOMB weapon from a defense station and blow them up!

These tunnels are tough. they are much more narrow and twisty than the ones the human's create, because security measures... To demolish a tunnel, you must drop the bomb in the biggest section of the tunnel. If you drop the bomb any sooner, the explosion will happen too quickly and the VIXIV will be lost in the rubble.

Drop the Bomb in the correct spot in both tunnels and the Mission is cleared.

Mission 6

" ... A radiation leak was discovered in the Silo! Scientists investigated and finally concluded that the Silo's rods were cracking and needed replacing. A convoy of trucks was assembled and dropped onto the planet's surface ... "

Congratulations on beating the first half of the game! Now, welcome to the second half.

In this mission, you need to guard 4 trucks that are taking new control rods to the Nuclear silo. Of course, not only were they dropped on the opposite side of the planet, they are also taking a less than uniform route.

There's not much to this mission. First, Wait for the trucks to get into formation and start hauling. then, while your traversing the rocky countryside of Tetamus II, stay close behind the third truck and stop whenever you see an enemy, which in this mission are mutant bugs. There are 2 types of bugs- slugs and beetles. Beetles can only be killed by 1. stunning them with your laser, and then 2. firing a missile at them. Slugs can be killed by Firing your lasers at them enough.

Guide the trucks safely to the Nuclear Silo and the mission is cleared.

Mission 7

" ... The Silo's leak was fixed by the safe arrival of the rods, but the aliens, having observed the delivery of the rods, began planning another attack on the human base, this time using their newly designed glider ... " " ... The Nuclear Silo was attacked directly by the Alien's new gliders in an overnight raid. We were taken completely by surprise.  The gliders managed to steal four of the Silo's newly installed rods! ... "

The Xenomantics have decided to target the Nuclear Silo once again. This time, they Stole the newly installed control rods and are using gliders to fly them around Tetamus II, for some reason.

For this mission, Equip the Jet-Pac. The gliders have very weak armor, so lasers will suffice. This is another "look around aimlessly for something you cant see" mission. The gliders fly around random parts of the planet. luckily, there's only 4 of them that actually have the rods.

Collect all 4 Control rods and take them to the Silo to clear the mission.

Mission 8

" ... After the Silo's rods were safely returned there seemed a lull in the alien's activities until one morning we woke to discover strange forms of chrysalises and larvae covered the surface of Tetamus II ... "

During this mission, your job is to destroy an undefined number of Monarch Cocoons before they hatch (spoiler alert: you cant)

there isn't much to this mission. Destroy the cocoons with missiles and at the end, kill the monarch. Then, the mission is cleared.

Mission 9

" ... 

The Gameplay


Piloting the VIXIV takes a small bit of knowledge, which is outlined in the training session you take before the game begins.

Using your Nintendo Game Boy system, you can control the VIXIV by using the following buttons:

  • up/down controls your speed
  • left/right controls your direction
  • A fires your lasers
  • B allows you to use your equipped weapon of choice.
The speed is indicated by a meter at the bottom of VIXIV's control panel. There is a radar that shows objects. flashing dots are bad guys! The grid to the right of the radar is a map of the entire planet. the flashing dot is you, and there larger dots are defense stations.  when you visit a new area during a mission, that part of the grid becomes darkened. Your direction is indicated by a compass situated above the radar. to the sides of the compass are the hazard lights! They begin to strobe when an enemy is near. 


You have 4 weapons at your disposal, not counting your lasers. these weapons can only be Equipped one at a time, and can only be swapped out at one of the 8 defense stations on Tetamus II.

Lock-on - This is the weapon you will have equipped for most of the game. It uses up 1 missile per use, the amount of which is indicated by a table to the right of the world map on VIXIV's control panel. To use Lock-on, you have to get close up to an enemy so that a box appears around the game window. press B when the enemy is within the crosshair and then press B again to fire. for fast moving enemies, make sure you're close enough behind so that you can actually hit them.

Jet-Pac - This helpful gadget allows you to begin flight at any point, without having to throw yourself off of one of the ramps situated on the surface of Tetamus II. This can be used during any mission at any time, but it's kind of useless.

Bomb - This weapon is used during a Single mission, during which the aliens have constructed their own tunnel systems on Tetamus II. It can be used to blow up the tunnels, but it can also be used to kill yourself inside said tunnels if you don't fire at the right time. Other than that, you never have to equip this.

High-EX - This is the most powerful weapon in the game, but also the most dangerous. It requires a full set of missiles and full shields. High-EX is only Equipped during mission 10, where you fire them at the Xenomantic's Super Base, situated in area 2.


the snes tech demo.
  • Lunar Chase began its life as a tech demo on Super Nintendo Entertainment System, made to showcase a 3d engine written by Dylan Cuthbert. Although this technically led to star fox, Dylan still wanted to put his vision into a game. so, he ported the 3d engine to the Gameboy and showed Nintendo a new demo. Blown away, Nintendo offered to help make the first 3D game on the Gameboy.
  • Originally, Lunar Chase was going to be called "Eclipse", but the higher ups at Nintendo insisted it be called X, for no particular reason other than the fact that it sounded cooler.
  • A prototype for Lunar Chase surfaced in 1999. It is very unstable and doesn't work properly on most emulators due to the cartridge type being set wrong, it is MBC1 instead of MBC2. The prototype features very different gameplay elements compared to the final, including a completely different 3D engine, flight only controls, and some rather annoying flying tanks that are set to always chase you. the first mission is "simple", and exactly like the final. collect a power crystal and return to the base. The problem is, the map is Messed up. The base and crystal are in the wrong places and normally cant be found. Its obvious where they would've been, though, since there is a path of trees and silos going North-east in direction. presumably, you start at the base at the bottom of the path, but the base isn't there in this build. the crystal wouldve been at the end of the path, but it isn't. The crystal can be found by looping the map a few times. The base seems random. I, personally, can't show you any more missions because I've never been able to beat the first one.
  • The final game has lots of unused text, comprising of random junk, hidden credits, and alternate mission descriptions. They reveal many things, such as:

-Bomb was originally a weaker version of the High-EX and could be used outside of tunnels

-Power crystals were originally used to refuel the ship in various ways

-You could originally level up the VIXIV in various ways including shield durability, gun power, and speed

  • Lunar Chase we first shown to the public at a Consumer Electronic Show. We don't have this prototype, but it is said that it was much like the one that we do have, just less messed up.