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Super Mario 64's source code was leaked.
Verdict: Partially True

Only a portion of Super Mario 64’s code has been leaked, in the July 26, 2020 gigaleak. The source tree that we see is what Nintendo sent iQue for localization and porting purposes. Most of the files were in the form of non-human-readable object files (code that has already been compiled).[1] The available C source files are the ones that iQue specifically requested from Nintendo. This means that, despite a ROM being able to be built from these files, we don’t have access to the entire source code.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl’s full source code was leaked.
Verdict: True

The full CVS source tree was leaked in the July 24, 2020 gigaleak: 20100713cvs_backup.tar.7z.

High quality audio for "So long, Bowser!" was found.
Verdict: False

It was a remastering done by Sound Bulb[2][3], likely using his voice as well as pitch shifting techniques to fill in the missing high frequencies.[4]

The Shoshinkai Super Mario 64 beta was discovered in the leaks.
Verdict: False

Only some assets from said build were found.

Uncompressed Star Fox 64 voice lines have been found.
Verdict: True

Located in sf64/assets/en/audio/Voice/aiff within the July 26, 2020 gigaleak.

An unreleased live performance of Link to the Past music was found.
Verdict: False

Audio from a 2019 performance was spread around.[5]

The hacker was jailed on pedophilia charges.
Verdict: False

That was the leaker of 3DS/Wii U/Switch SDKs, named RyanRocks[6]. This leak is likely from wack0, who was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment and a Serious Crime Prevention Order of 5 years[7][8]. See also[9][10].

The hackers themselves released these leaks.
Verdict: False

The original hacker, Zammis, gave his friends access to Nintendo and Microsoft servers so they could download large amounts of data from them. One person was apparently downloading 250 Gb daily from Microsoft's internal servers. The Nintendo data has been gradually leaked over the years by these people, anonymously or otherwise.

Star Fox 2 was cancelled because of arguments surrounding porn in Argonaut’s office.
Verdict: False

Unfounded. The comments surrounding adult content in the Argonaut emails have no relation to Star Fox 2’s development. Star Fox 2 was ultimately cancelled due to fears that the game would be unfairly compared to the more advanced consoles available during the time of its development, such as the Sony PlayStation and the Sega Saturn.

The Super Donkey prototypes had gameplay music.
Verdict: False

The entire game had no sound, and the only music that is present in the ROM (a 16-bit version of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik[11]) is entirely unused. The gameplay footage featuring a version of Bob-omb Battlefield[12] has the music edited in solely for presentation purposes.

Beavis was found amongst the F-Zero X textures.
Verdict: True

Located in f0x/IMAGES/face1.tex and f0x/IMAGES/face3.tex in the July 26, 2020 gigaleak.

Art of Luigi flipping the player off was found.
Verdict: True

Located in NEWS/テープリストア/NEWS_11/hino/z-mario-4/MARI-CORE-luiji.CGX in the July 24, 2020 gigaleak.

Art of a hotel/office building where Toad is smoking was found.
Verdict: True

Located in NEWS/テープリストア/NEWS_09/home/nogami/renshu/mode7.cgx in the July 24, 2020 gigaleak.

Art of Mario smoking was found.
Verdict: False / Edited

This tweet[13] appears to be an edited version of NEWS/テープリストア/NEWS_11/hino/z-mario-4/Q-X/X-Q-X-1W-met.CGX from the July 24, 2020 gigaleak.

This is newly leaked data.
Verdict: Needs Context

This is true from the viewpoint of the general public, however the data in question was obtained in 2018, and was already in the hands of select people since then. This claim is listed here since it might lead people to think that this is from a much more recent hack.

Pokémon Picross source code leaked.
Verdict: False

Only the ROM for the 1999 unreleased game has leaked so far, from a Game Boy lot check. However, the source code for the Picross minigame from the Pokémon Gold and Silver Spaceworld 1997 demo is present under GS_Korean/Pokemon/wk/setup/mons2_org/SOURCE/BACKUP/PIKU.DMG from the Gen 2 leaks on April 25th, 2020.


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  • theo3#1484 - Clarifications regarding Super Mario 64 source