Star Fox (SNES)

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Source code, DOS Assembler toolchain, and multiple prototypes of Star Fox were present in the July 2020 Nintendo Gigaleak.

Star Glider - September 23, 1992 Prototype

Located in: OTHER\NEWS\テープリストア\NEWS_05\home\kimura\polygon.lzh\sample0\SG.ROM

An extremely early build of the game, lacking the Star Fox team and featuring a large amount of differences.

  • Pausing during gameplay does not work.
  • If the player finishes a stage or dies, the game locks up.

German Localization Prototype

Located in: NEWS\テープリストア\NEWS_02\usr01\uji\Mail\inbox

Within encrypted attachments found in the NeWs Emails, a prototype of the Star Fox German localization was found. The ROM is titled "StarWing" and is dated March 18, 1993. The name "StarWing" was used in PAL regions due to the perceived issues with German company StarVox.

One difference between this prototype and the final build is that the leftover text from the Star Fox Competition cartridge is still in English, whereas is it translated to German in the final.

Source Code

This section requires further expansion and research.

Located in: OTHER\SFC\ソースデータ\StarFox The files are zipped in two .lzh archives, extract their contents to view the source in full.

DOS Assembler Toolchain

This section requires further expansion and research.

Located in: OTHER\SFC\ソースデータ\StarFox2\BIN The files to it and other tools are contained here.