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The Wii was developed by three main companies: ATi, BroadOn, and Nintendo. ATi held the responsibility of developing and producing the main hardware chips for the Wii, such as Broadway and Hollywood for example. They developed boot0 as well, the first step in the Wii's boot process. The ATi tree of the Wii's development was leaked as part of the Emeralds Archive, along with the Wii Startup Disc and the source code for Pokemon Emerald. ATi development files were found in the take_main_052306.7z archive, with Tako referring to the codename for the Wii's graphics processing unit. Tako was later renamed to Vegas, as seen in the files. The file with the earliest date, gc2_area_4-6-03.xls, suggests work could have started on April 6, 2003 or earlier.

A program called CodeWarrior played a part in the development of the Wii's hardware. CodeWarrior's developers worked closely with Nintendo to create exclusive versions of CodeWarrior for multiple Nintendo SDKs. A version of CodeWarrior made specifically for developing Wii games can be found in the RVL_SDK.

BroadOn was responsible for the development of the Wii's IOS, the Starlet microprocessor, boot1, boot2, and more. The BroadOn tree of the Wii's development was leaked as a part of the Unsorted Archive, along with data related to iQue and the Nintendo 64. References to the Tako project and tako_main_052306 can be found in the BroadOn development files.